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The Center for Environmental Policy emphasizes scientific, technologic, economic, legal, political, and social dimensions of environmental policy and management.

Center for Environmental Policy
Established in 1991 by Dr. Howard T. Odum at the University of Florida, the Center for Environmental Policy (CEP) is a leading institution for interdisciplinary graduate education, research, and advocacy in energy and environmental policy. The Centerís mission is an outgrowth of nearly 30 years of work in developing methods of planning, designing, and quantitatively measuring sustainable patterns of human and ecological systems.

The Center is a focal point on the University of Florida campus for faculty interested in local, regional, national, and global aspects of environmental policy. Faculty from a variety of disciplines including economics, sociology, geography, political science, law, philosophy, engineering, and urban planning are affiliated with the Center. In addition the Center annually hosts several international faculty as visiting scholars, which adds a most important global perspective to our research, education and service components.

Our Mission
At the heart of CEPís mission is a commitment to providing a substantive and quantitative framework for shaping environmental policy and management. CEP is dedicated to conducting research, teaching, and service that addresses the interface of energy, ecology, and economics and to establishing sustainable environmental policies and management frameworks. Through its communications and outreach program, the CEP provides a forum for exchange of information and increased understanding of the major environmental issues of our time.


Systems Ecology/Ecological Engineering Program

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